About Us


Like a puzzle, there are many components to the healing process, both large and small, that must be addressed and pieced together correctly in order for true healing to occur. We look at the various “systems” within the body to identify which of them might be imbalanced or malfunctioning (as opposed to just looking at “symptoms”, which are the result– not the cause — of imbalance). Our work is all about removing interferences to normal body function and supporting the systems of the body with superior-quality herbs, whole-food nutritional supplements and energetic balancing.

We believe in nourishing and supporting the body as a whole. Since there are no “one size fits all” answers, we often find that it is a specific combination of different healing modalities that lead to the most effective solutions.

Our approach is a team and a joint effort between the client, the clinician and the Holistic Wellness Alternatives Team. We provide the expertise, education, motivation and recommendations to make the specific changes that will improve and elevate your state of health.

We encourage you to take this life-changing journey with us!