Our Team

Dan Court – Director

Dan Court is passionate about guiding his clients past their health issues to their highest levels of wellness and vitality. Dan knows that finding the proper balance of mind-body-spirit is the key, and his goal is finding that perfect balance for each and every person he meets.


Incorporating his expertise, sharp intuition and extensive experience, Dan has helped hundreds of people from all around the globe to realize unprecedented levels of health.
Among Dan’s qualifications:

  • Advanced Clinical Nutritionist (Ulan Nutritional Systems)
  • Certified Professional Clinician in Whole Food Nutrition (IFNH)
  • Certified Body Code Practitioner; Certified Emotion Code Practitioner – The Healer’s Library
  • Certified Qigong Healer (Levels 1-5) and Instructor (Student of Master Robert Peng)
  • Reiki Master Practitioner (USUI Shiki Ryoho)
  • Diplomat of Pastoral Science in the Pastoral Medical Association
  • Holistic Pediatric Alliance member

Dan discovered what has now become his life’s passion first as a patient himself.

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As a successful entrepreneur, Dan was living a fast-paced and highly-stressed life in New York City. He had a successful career in business and was a co-founder of three companies.


Despite the fact that Dan was athletic all of his life and always tried his best to remain physically fit, he had been suffering for years from chronic allergies. Dan grew up eating the Standard American Diet (“SAD”), including many highly-processed and chemically-altered foods. He spent his college years working in construction, which exposed him to a multitude of toxins.


In an attempt to keep his health in check, Dan abided by the conventional western medical model and followed his doctor’s advice and recommendations. He combined what he believed to be the healthiest protocols: finding the right foods to eat; trying a vegetarian diet; incorporating exercise and remaining physically active; and practicing yoga and meditation.


After the sudden death of a loved one, his physical and emotional well-being were pushed even further out of balance. Soon thereafter, Dan had gained 45 pounds and developed painful gout-like symptoms, skin issues and a number of other ailments.  It became obvious to Dan that the path he was on wasn’t working. Little did Dan know at the time that this revelation would not only be a breakthrough for his health, but would lead him to the next chapter of his life as a holistic wellness practitioner.


Dan followed a specific program of care containing the following essential elements of good health: a customized dietary program and supplementation with whole-food nutrients; reduction of inflammation; detoxification; elimination of “toxic” foods; reducing heavy metal and chemical exposure; minimizing EMF/Cellular radiation exposure; stress reduction, exercise and the release of emotional and/or energetic blockages. After committing to his program and sticking to it over time, Dan’s symptoms abated, and he was able to realize a new and improved level of well-being not previously experienced.


Deeply moved by those tremendous results and the burning desire to help others achieve the same, Dan studied to become a well-rounded nutrition, wellness and energy practitioner. Dan challenged himself to learn a unique set of qualifications from world-renowned institutions and holistic wellness masters, drawing on the teachings of pioneers in the fields of organic, whole-food nutrition, energy healing and quantum physics. He continues on a daily basis to expand his knowledge, healing skills and practices, and loves to share his enthusiasm for optimal health and vitality with all who know him.

Nicole Harris – Practice Manager, Holistic Health Coach

Ashley Bratberg – Client Liaison